Inside Out 2014: The Third One – Film Review

Director: Rodrigo Guerrero
Cast: Carlos Echevarria, Emiliano Dionisi, Nicholas Armengol
Country: Argentina
Year: 2013
Runtime: 70 min
Rating: R

The Third One (2013), an erotic film from Argentinian director Rodrigo Guerrero, depicts exactly what its title suggests. Young Fede is invited to the home of older couple Franco and Hernan for what promises to be a wild and sexy evening. The group’s interaction begins in an Internet chat room, and raunchy typing turns into uncomfortable conversation when Fede arrives at the home of the couple. The film culminates in the promised sexual encounter, which, unfortunately, ends up being a prolonged and wholly typical scene in which one quickly loses interest.

As a work of film, The Third One has little to offer those who aren’t looking to be aroused by the depiction of an all male threesome. The long, slow shots that are meant to be artistic quickly become tiring, and the lighting fails to flatter and often appears garish. Conversations that are presumably supposed to be deep are merely dull, and there is no character development at work. It becomes difficult for an audience to care about Fede, as we know nothing about him; he simply seems young, innocent, and uncomfortable.

Erotic film can be exceptionally well done. Unfortunately, The Third One is too dull to be sexy. Nothing new or interesting is offered cinematically, and although this film may have its place somewhere, it is certainly not for me.

Rating: 2 / 10

Screening Time: Sunday May 25, 9:45pm @ TIFF Bell Lightbox Cinema 1