Sabrina Dhowre Elba shares her passion for philanthropy and bringing people together

Elevate Festival 2022

Sabrina Dhowre Elba | Elevate Festival 2022 | Photo: Steve Murakami / The Arts Guild

Elevate Festival is all about creating positive, impactful change for the future, and if there is one person that rocks that mantra it is Sabrina Dhowre Elba.

Elba is an actress, activist and model. Back in 2020, the fellow Canadian was appointed as the UN Goodwill Ambassador for the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) where she advocates strongly for empowering local communities by promoting rural small-scale farming. As she rightfully highlights in this interview at the 2022 Elevate Festival, if food can change a person’s life imagine the impact of teaching that person to make their own food? She found her way into agriculture through her personal story, something she also very kindly shares in our chat.

Beyond agriculture, Elba is also a passionate activist for gender equality and promoting the empowerment of women and girls worldwide, especially in remote communities.

Elba is also very passionate about the environment. She works with a number of civil society organizations like Conservation International to readily discuss environmental issues. She has taken this one step further with a brand she founded with her husband, Idris Elba, called S’ABLE Labs. The brand features a genderless skincare product line that uses responsible and traceable ingredients, in addition to sustainable packaging, to deliver a product that provides maximum love to your skin with as little damage to our planet as possible.

S’ABLE Labs is truly a unique brand, one we hope to write about soon. The essence of the brand is coupledom, focusing on bringing people together and enhancing relationships, whether they be couples, families or friendships. I am a marketer by trade, and this brand is hands down one of the most beautiful brands created in the last little while. It celebrates the beauty of humanity, especially the beauty in our differences, while bridging the divide to create meaningful, lasting connections. It made me reflect on my own relationship with my partner, and that is powerful stuff. We briefly discuss the essence of the brand in our interview, and we hope to continue the discussion down the road.

Honestly, I wish we had more time to chat with her but hopefully a follow-up down the road. Hope you enjoy watching this chat as much as I enjoyed having it.

Cover Photo: Steve Murakami / The Arts Guild.