TIFF 2022: Kapil Sharma discusses being a part of Nandita Das’ feature film ‘Zwigato’

2022 Toronto International Film Festival

Kapil Sharma at TIFF 2022 | Photo: Steve Murakami / The Arts Guild

When you hear the name Kapil Sharma, you immediately think of comedy. He has made a name for himself with his standup comedy and for hosting his popular entertainment show on Indian television, The Kapil Sharma Show, which he will be returning to this fall.

While he has no stranger to special appearances in films and a number of recent fictional roles, Zwigato – directed by the incredibly talented Nandita Das – is a form of Kapil Sharma not seen before.

He plays a grittier, dramatic character that is a major step away from his comedy. And you know what? He does a wonderful job. Be sure to check back on our review of the film.

Born to humble roots in the city of Amritsar in Punjab, India, Sharma has created a comedy world around him that resonates with audiences of all types and backgrounds. I felt he was someone who could relate to the common man, something you get to see very much in Zwigato. During a hiatus from television, he took on a number of film roles which capitalized on his comic side. However, I feel Zwigato does Sharma justice as an artist. You get to see his range in this film, capturing a human side of India often ignored. I think with this film he has opened up a slate of possibilities, and I have to give Das kudos on crafting such a beautiful cinematic journey for Sharma to follow.

While we didn’t get too much time with Sharma during TIFF, I was appreciative of the time we did get. He is a humble and soft spoken man who I think has a very promising film career ahead of him outside of his world of comedy.

How you enjoy watching this interview. Be sure to follow his channels and Nandita Das’ on where this film will showcase next.

Note: The interview is in Hindi with English subtitles.

Cover Photo: Steve Murakami / The Arts Guild