TIFF 2015: Julie Delpy & Dany Boon Discuss ‘Lolo’


We concluded our TIFF 2015 adventures with an amazing chat with two truly talented individuals: two time Oscar-nominated actress Julie Delpy and her co-star Dany Boon, discussing their TIFF 2015 film Lolo.

Lolo is a satirical comedy – written, directed and starring Julie Delpy – that follows a workaholic, forty-something named Violette (Julie Delpy) who finds love in small-towner Jean-René (Dany Boon) while on a holiday to the south of France. When Violette decides to bring Jean-René back to Paris, her son Lolo (Vincent Lacoste) doesn’t quite like the idea and begins a series of events against Jean-René. The film explores the realms of love and relationships, all from the perspective of a woman.

Born in Armentières, France, Dany Boon is a comedian and filmmaker. His career began with dubbing cartoons and miming on the street, after which he got his big break after being invited on to French personality Patrick Sébastien’s show. He has since gone on to star in great film and TV productions, with a spotlight on some of his one-man shows.

Julie Delpy needs little to no introduction. People will know her from her last production, Before Midnight, starring alongside Ethan Hawke. She was nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay for her role co-writing the script, along with Richard Linklater and Ethan Hawke. The second film in the series, Before Sunset, had also earned her an Academy Award nomination for the same category. Delpy is a champion of good storytelling, and has been involved with a variety of very different projects to showcase her skill-set; her films range from indie works such as Broken Flowers and starring in major blockbusters such as Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Enjoy the interview!