Inside Out 2014: Out in the Line-Up – Documentary Review

Director: Ian Thomson
Runtime: 69 minutes
Rating: R

Surfing in mainstream media has been primarily portrayed as a sport aimed towards heterosexual men. Due to this practice, women of all sexual orientations and queer men have often been overlooked, to the point of being ignored. It was not until recently, that the gay surfer community started to come together in order to support each other, and create a safe haven of surf free of judgment and discrimination. The documentary is filled with footage of surfers who discuss what it is like to be in a sport that very often mocks anything that diverges from the norm, and how the surfing world has evolved through the years regarding this aspect.

The film’s strongest element is in fact its unique subject matter. While the world of surfing has each day become more of a part of mainstream media, there is still not a lot of resources available to the general public about the deeper social issues that the sport brings with it. Due to this fact, it is very entertaining and informative to get to see the opinions of many people who practice and love the sport, and how they also give an outlook onto the bigger picture of queer culture in sports, and how hard it is sometimes to freely express one’s sexuality inside. Not only is the subject matter appealing, but the beautiful shots of waves and beaches are sure to please the eye of any viewer.

Rating: 7 / 10

Screening Time: Monday May 26, 5:15pm @ TIFF Bell Lightbox Cinema 2