SuperFan ComicCon 2014: Cosplay, Comics and Creatives – Photos

The Victoria Day weekend saw the kick-off of SuperFan ComicCon 2014, the inaugural event taking place at the Better Living Centre in Toronto. Tons of fans took to the SFCC stage to show off their cosplay designs, while many artists and story developers brought out their work to share with audiences.

While many great celebrities were in attendance as well, the focus of the convention was very much on the fans, the cosplay, the comics, and the general celebration of comic art. The convention had a number of cool exhibits and booths. One that stood out was a silent auction benefiting Sick Kids, which had a cool array of comic and vintage items, including Marvel posters and Disney artwork. Another cool area was the Liquid Imprints body painting booth run by Aaron and Melanie Knox, where they live-painted models and transformed them into various superheros; some photos can be seen below (Video of their work coming soon!).

Below are a number of photos from the convention, highlighting the cool costume work by various fans, some of the artists and their respective booths, and a few shots of the cool displays including Knight Rider’s K.I.T.T. and Keaton’s Batmobile. This is just a sample of what took place at the convention.

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