Day 2: Bad Boys of Showbiz & Awesome Canadian-ness

Day 2, September 10th 2011. After getting the Clooney & Pitt experience in one night, this was one of them days that I was really looking forward to. The first Premier for the day was for Gary McKendry’s “Killer Elite” starring the Bad Boys of Showbiz, Robert De Niro, Jason Statham & Clive Owen. This was one of those days that I was truly waiting, even bringing out a Killer Elite poster. Ive been a big Jason Statham fan for as long as I can remember and having an opportunity to meet him was to be a dream come true. Like the Friday, I needed to be there early to make myself feel better. So i did, a good 6:30am I believe! Got my spot in the baking sun and waited. I was willing to take all the pain just to meet the man who added more coolness to action films.

I will admit, it was a pretty hot day and waiting out in a concrete court-yard is not fun. Will admit though, my day was made a whole lot colourful with chats with the amazing Farah Nasser, Toronto’s very own CP24 journalist! Chatting with the media is always cool, and your building networks as well. Farah is too cool and honestly having a chat with her made the day well worth the hours we spent waiting.

1:30 was not very far away and we were expecting the arrival of Jason Statham, the only confirmed person so far. I was kind of sad that others may or may not be there but I was willing to cut the hours and wait. 12:30 came and the time had come to roll in the cars. The first SUV popped up and it was full of PR representatives and administrative personnel. I was waiting for the moment to see when and which car Jason would pop into the scene with. A black Cadillac SUV popped into view, drove quite a few feet from me and stopped. The doors opened, silence was in the midst and then, screams. Screams not just of excitement but of shock. Out came, the legend, the Godfather of movies, Robert De Niro. Just having his presence at the premier was ecstatic. In front of us was a man who has seen it all, and experienced it all. He redefined movies in his career and he was feet away from me. As he signed for individuals, he came in my direction, looked up at me and then at my poster. He then signed it. I felt like a boulder had hit me square in the face. I just met Robert De Niro. It took me much of the day to really understand the gravity of the situation. Even at 68, he gave a damn! It was fantastic!

Then pulled up another SUV and frankly, even through tinted windows I didn’t really need to look past the front seat because sitting in the front seat, with his classic grin, and fashion staple Aviators, Jason Statham! He popped out, gave a wave and came to his fans to sign. I just looked at him and was like “Handsome Rob has just landed – mind if I get that photo” – He looked at me, gave me the awesome grin and obliged. My day was made. Heck, my month was made. This was a moment that I am never going to experience, EVER! I just met Bad Boy Jason Statham, the mercenary from Expendables, the driver from Transporter. This was too awesome. Another moment that took me quite a few hours to get over. We were graced by the presence of Yvonne Strahovski afterwards, who looked absolutely gorgeous in her black dress. Clive Owen however had arrived earlier in his dashing suit but missed our area and went in. I was literally broken because I had met 2/3 of the guys.  Funny enough, I had called over the Director Gary McKendry, and it was apparent that I was the only one who knew him! I asked him as politely as possible to send Clive Owen my way just to sign the poster if possible. It be awesome to meet the dude. After the cast shot, the unexpected happened! Gary actually told Clive to go my way and he obliged! WOW!! THANK YOU GARY! I had just met the whole cast of the film, the three amazing guys of showbiz. My day was done.

Epicness did not stop there. 15 minutes after everyone went in, guess who came back out again to sign for all the fans? JASON STATHAM! He is officially the best meet at TIFF, EVERRRR!

My day didn’t end there. This was 1 of 3 premiers that day. The next was David Cronenberg’s “A Dangerous Method”. Its always amazing to have a Canadian Director debut their work at TIFF. Adds to the culture of our city and the vibe that TIFF provides. Not only that, the movie comprised of amazing actors such as Keira Knightley & Viggo Mortensen. Having met both actors in the past, this wasn’t something new but it amazes me how much some of them love their fans. Viggo pulled a Jason Statham and after the press work came back out and signed for ALLLL the fans outside. His dedication to his fans and his love for Canada truly does show. Another awesome collaboration between giants has made another great entry to the books of film. This was relatively short premier due to the timing of the arrivals but the next film created a buzz unlike any other.

“Take This Waltz” as the last premier for the day and it feature another Canadian. The ever so beautiful Sarah Polley. Now here is a director who has taken all her experience in film, and her knowledge about Canada and combined them into a film to really showcase the true Canadian in her. “Take This Waltz” brought to Toronto a bucket full of talent including Seth Rogen & the hillarious Sarah Silverman. Seth Rogen did quite a lot for his fans, dedicating quite a chunk of his time. Sarah Polley was the highlight of the moment. Even with the fact of being pregnant and understanding the exhaustion that can be brought by running around signing for fans, she still did so. She addressed all her fans, and took a moment to really showcase how much she cared for this city! Never before would you get a moment where a person would go above and beyond to really be a part of the scene. Awesomeness didn’t stop there: Sarah Silverman added a bit of her own flare to the event. Yes, she does tend to say weird things at random moments in time. But she really did make the evening what it was. Signing and taking photos with fans, joking as she goes. Nothing is complete without a Sarah Silverman joke at some point.

Id like to Quite Sarah Silverman but to keep this page rated PG for a wide audience, I will let you guys find it on twitter =P

This concluded Day 2 of TIFF. Can’t believe its been only two days. In two days, i have stories to write two books. Maybe I should become a part-time author and write 10 books every TIFF!

Day 3 epicness coming, with Gerard Butler (ladies? =D )