Day 1: Clooney + Pitt Madness

This post is really long over-due considering the events happened on Friday September 9th. There is a very good excuse for this: It was so damn crazy that it took me much of the weekend (along with the other events Ive attended) to fully recover. Then again, when you put Clooney & Pitt in the same sentence, you know the experience is going to be equivalent to edge-walking the CN Tower (though Id rather not do that!).

So its the bright morning of September 9th. A little chilly but not unbearable. I was surprised because when I arrived at 7:15 in the morning, no one was there! Then again, I am a bit stupid for coming that early. I found an awesome spot for photographs, autographs, whatever really  I wanted to accomplish for the day. Honestly, coming early makes no difference in the world. Its what happens on the day that can make the day worth it, not how early you come and how good of a spot you get. I was being stupid so hey, I was there early. Kicked off the morning by meeting the awesome team of Dina Pugliese & Kevin Frankish of Breakfast Television doing their awesome thing in the morning. Love the enthusiasm and the energy that they have on set, interacting with the crowd & bringing super awesomeness to the mornings. PLUS, loved Dina’s dress! (^_^).

The day went pretty much the way we expected it. A lot of waiting, a lot of prepping to ensure everything was being put together right. However, when your in a group and company of super awesome people, it makes the whole day just worth it. TIFF really does promote one awesome thing that I truly find valuable. You get to meet amazing people who you otherwise would not bump into.  Socializing = awesome! You learn something new everyday. Much of my morning and afternoon was running around and talking with people. Its quite cool and even in a window of 4-5 hours, you really don’t feel tired.

You feel tired and more stressed as the premier approaches. THAT is when things get a little complicated. The first movie premier for the day, “Moneyball”, the epic baseball film starring the awesome Brad Pitt, Jonah Hill & Philip Seymour Hoffman. Now, the premier kicked off with the arrival of David Justice, All-Star MLB player and Stephen Bishop, the actor who portrays David Justice in the film. These two were rocking the carpet, chatting with fans on the way and really just class acts. Their arrival was followed by many of the PR representatives and industry professionals behind the film including Chairman, CEO & President of Sony Corporation Sir Howard Stringer. This was followed by the arrival of many of the other cast members such as Jonah Hill, Philip Seymour Hoffman & the Director, Bennett Miller. There was not much interaction time with them as they dashed in.

However, there were two moments in the whole premier that stood out like a pear in a basket of oranges. The first was the arrival of Chris Pratt & the beautiful Anna Faris. Chris is a part of the film but the arrival of Anna Faris as well was super cool. They absolutely amazing with the fans, chatting, taking photos and really showing their normal side. They did not pretend to be all “super cool” and all and just spent a lot of time interacting with the fans. The particular point of note was Chris. He would wait for fans to take photos and even chat a little bit with those who were hardcore fans. That is the experience you look for when you attend a premier. The stars taking note that its the fans that make them who they are and they take a moment to give back. There is nothing better than that.

However, if you want to understand a truly class act, or gentleman act in my book, it was done with the arrival of Brad Pitt. Now, he’s Brad Pitt – hes a bloody legend, Hollywood royalty as some say. However, in the midst  of the screams and yelling, he walked around his black Cadillac SUV to the door on the adjacent side, waited, and then slowly opened it. This was followed by the biggest gasp that could happen in the city of Toronto followed by the most defying scream on the planet. Out walked, the gorgeous, the beautiful, Angelina Jolie! It was the moment for everyone, the one time that we got to see the gorgeous lady of Hollywood make her appearance to her partner’s film. Whats even more, she has followed in Brad’s footsteps by taking a moment signing for fans, even taking pictures! (those lucky %&^*&()*!!) You cannot get a bigger premier than this. It was a grenade followed by an atom bomb. This was the moment to experience the full out TIFF madness. “Moneyball” was just an awesome experience, one that I will honestly never forget. I had brought a large poster to get signed for my room that was signed by the majority in attendance. An item I am going to keep for a very very long time.

2 1/2 hours later though, came another piece of epicness – The “Ides of March” premier. Truth be told, we went out and stocked up on liquid and what not because lets face it, you put Ryan Gosling & George Clooney & Marisa Tomei & Evan Rachel Wood in one movie, someone is going to get hurt reallllll bad. lets put it this way, the screams did not stop for a full hour. Yes, people just kept screaming and honestly, who wouldn’t! Frankly, I can’t even remember the order of which people came anymore because it was just car after car, and scream after scream. I was focusing on staying put and not breaking a hip, or neck, or head, or anything really important! I could type on and on about who attended but lets put on the notable moments during this premier. First was the arrival of George Clooney. Not only did he get out of the car at the end of the drive-way, on the street, but he signed for EVERY single person from that end all the way to the other end of the line which btw is A LOT of autographs. There hasn’t been anymore more dedicated in giving our and respecting his fans like George Clooney. Ryan Gosling made an attempt by doing a lot too but he only made it so far that his PR agent was dragging him to the Red Carpet. Who’s going to drag George? he made the damn movie! Not only that, he brought his girlfriend Stacy Keibler and lets put it this way, alot of people were distracted for a very long time!

The other cool moment was a surprise drop in by both Francis Ford Coppola & Bono, to support George’s film. Absolutely amazing of them to stick around and do so!

Day 1 was absolutely an amazing experience. Id post pictures but there are thousands online that you could easily connect the dots and observe the madness that went on. One piece of advise to those who are new to the scene or are planning to come next year: PLAN! If you have no plan, it ain’t going to be a worthwhile experience.

Day 2 coming soon!