Day 3: Gerard Butler: That. Is. All.

Now I know what your thinking; “Day 3, really? Your posting what happened on Sunday now? kinda late yeah?” – well, Id say that too but hey we are talking about Gerard Butler. Yes Ladies (especially!) and gentlemen, THE Gerard Butler!

The full out Scotsman was in town to promote Marc Forster’s “Machine Gun Preacher where he plays former gang-biker man Sam Childers (Click HERE for Trailer). This was a Sunday red carpet gala at the prestigious Roy Thompson Hall. With the earlier premier cancelled, this was really the big one of the day. Lets face it, every one who has watched some movie remotely, may it be 300 or Tomb Raider, has heard about Gerard Butler. He is a man who is really creating a name for himself but taking on roles that truly do define an all out new experience for everyone. Best part is, he is not afraid to experiment with the roles he takes. From P.S. I Love You & RockNRolla to The Bounty Hunter & his up and coming movie Corolianus, he is definitely extending his talent far and wide.

Machine Gun Preacher as a result was creating a lot of buzz and as a fan of both him & Michelle Monaghan, this movie was definitely a staple on my watch list. Having been down very early (stupid of me again!), i started to tweet in the early hours of the morning, roaming the downtown core. Downtown is a pretty classy place when people are not around. You can really appreciate the architectural structure of the entire downtown scene. Having spent a couple of hours alone, doing my thing, alot of the people I hang out at TIFF every-year began to show-up. Still, we had a lot more hours to go. Its always handy to be prepared (as I have noted in another post before). There was a bit of a surprise mid-day though. One of the organizers of TIFF made a bit of a special announcement: Michelle Monaghan, despite being NOT on the guest list, was definitely showing up! That was an added bonus to the day. It would be absolutely wonderful seeing them both. Though I will admit, I have seen Gerard before, and he was just awesome to meet.

3pm comes by and this being a 6:30pm premier, people started to shuffle around too much. You know people are getting impatient when they start to move about. So we geared up and got our spot in front of the red carpet for the big day. Its sounds crazy but trust, when the actual event happens, all pain goes away real fast. 5:30pm came, and the cars began to roll up. All of us were ready as ever and just anticipating the wait for the epic premier. If there is one thing people should note, it takes a heck of alot of energy to prep for the festival and when you see that cadillac roll up, you are really hoping it all goes well. It stops in front and out comes Sam Childers. Frankly, none of us knew who he was until we heard his name being said out by the press. Then it hit us that its THE REAL Sam Childers, who is portrayed by Gerard Butler in the movie. We called him over and he was really kind to sign to us fans, gave us a moment to take pictures and even handed out books to lucky individuals promoting his story. He was mustering an amazing Harley Davidson jacket and had the whole look and everything of a biker but you could tell when you had one look into his eyes, that he really was a man who was determined to make things right. That happens quite a bit. When you look at an artist and the look you get back is just not what you feel when you look at photos. It was genuine sincerity and humbleness and I bless the man for doing what he has done.

From here on in, I lose track of who comes first but frankly, it doesn’t matter. At TIFF, zoning out to dream world is like an absolute sure thing. The next individual to attend, and Im quite certain was the one and only, Marc Forster, the director of the movie. To be honest, not a lot know the Directors and that is quite sad. They are the ones that make the movies what they are. They are ones with the creative mind behind to direct each shot to make the movie looks what it is when it comes out. Only once I started shouting did anyone else pay attention. I was glad he took a moment to come over and sign and pose for a photo. A true class act in his own regard. I wish him nothing more than the best for this movie.

Now, you know what happens when a grenade goes off? chaos right? well, the next car brought just that. Door opened, one second of silence and then Roy Thompson Hall just erupted. Out popped Gerard Butler, the man of the hour. The man is one that cannot be comprehended. I have never seen women more crazy in my life, and men just trying to look their best. Who the hell are we kidding. A trained lawyer, a Scot, a pretty well refined man; we were just stuck in our shoes during those couple of minutes. Best part was he took the time to go around and sign for fans, have an opportunity to speak to people & take photos. He understood his fans very very well. He did the oddest things in between, at one point asking us to look at a building all together and salute it. He then asked the press to shoot photos. That photo is all around so do see if you get an opportunity to find it online. Of course, followed by him was Michelle Monaghan – this is where the tide went the opposite way. We guys were in lala land as far as we were concerned. She came over in a beautiful white dress and the minute she got out of the SUV, we all just went nuts. Best part about it, she made it clear she wanted to sign for many of the fans. She started at the end and then went all round. She, like Gerard understood the fan mentality. She understands that the people drive showbiz. If there is no one to watch them movies, all goes down the drain. I will admit, for the longest time I had a shock face. Not only was she beautiful as ever but when she came over we had had a minuscule chat but definitely made eye contact. Again, the eye contact. OH MY GOD….that is all.

It did not take long for this premier to end but it was definitely was well worth the wait. Some films just bring about awesome reaction from the crowd and make the TIFF experience worth it. Afterwards had a chat with Gurdeep Ahluwalia from CP24 and that was an awesome follow up to a great amazing evening. Frankly, opportunities like this do not come by and having a moment to share them is awesome. Thanks Gurdeep!

We ran from Roy Thompson Hall to the Ryerson Theatre where we were lucky to get spots for the film Killer Joe. It was funny because we thought it be a busy day. It really wasn’t. We got cornered but we expected that hey, atleast we would get some awesome pictures with people. Awesome pictures is an understatement as I will soon point out. That movie was about to start real fast, in a mere 2 hours and between food and washroom breaks, time flies! When the movie premier did finally begin and we were all set to role we noticed that there wasn’t much buzz and I expected it as there were only 2 or 3 people on the guest list. One definitely the awesome Emile Hirsch (which again the girls were screaming for), as well as Juno Temple who played Queen Anne in The Three Musketeers. Now many people were awesome but Im going to limit my story to two, both unexpected and one REALLY unexpected.

As many of the stars began to arrive, we had a chance to speak to the Director and see some of the stars pop into the scene. However, one lady showed up to the premier that I was least expecting. The amazing, the beautiful and one of my all times favourites: Gina Gershon. OH MY GOD is all I could say. I have been a fan of her work, especially Theatre work, for a very very long time. She wasn’t even on the guest list and just seeing her a mere 3 feet away was like the moment I could not have foreseen. Immediately I yelled out and she about turned and walked right over. Again, we made eye contact and she gave me a super awesome smile. I just stared at her dumbstruck. She was here, in the flesh. I immediately requested for a photo with her and she obliged. One of the most awesome pictures ever! Never going to forget this moment. However, picture taking was taken to a whole new level when Juno Temple, after finishing a row of interviews, walked over to her fans. She finally made it to our corner where my British-ness kicked in and we were so having a chat. The minute I asked for a photo she was just “absolutely!” and literally arms around, cheek on cheek – another amazing photograph for the evening. It is these types of moments I truly look for. A moment where the people who have made it take a minute to appreciate those who have appreciated them on the big screen. Juno for instance is a rising star but when she has habits like these, it makes the experience a whole lot better.

My evening ended on a random note when we bumped into Jamie Campbell Bower at the Elgin Theatre where he popped out after finishing his movie inside. For those of you who are like, who the heck is that? Well, he’s Gellert Grindelwald from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows ^_^.

The end to an awesome day at the Film Fest. A couple of more days to go. Look out for new posts on the meeting of Jennifer Garner, three years in the making and the moment where we go Bon Cop Bad Cop =)