King Khan Enters

So, now that I have exhausted stating the past, I am going to alliterate what happened the minute I walked into the Royal York Hotel today. Massive crowd around a closed off section. I was really curious because this was really random as it had not happened before and I’ll be honest, new things happen for a purpose. So I approached the crowded section that had a bunch of journalists and me with my suit I sort of blended in. They were all trying to start a conversation with me and to be honest, I really had no idea how to really continue to the conversation. Nonetheless, I was there and had to ask what the special occasion was for. One girl, looking really exhausted and really tired was, which I later found to be general stress, told me: SRK is coming.

I was just like OMG, this place is going to go nuts. I joined the wait up, right in front of the barricade. To be perfectly honest, me being in front of a barricade is absolutely no point. I might as well have sat 4 feet away. This is SRK not John Smith down the street. People are here with a purpose and they have an intention to meet him. It was not very long until I realized the real strength of a strong girl. Shahrukh walked in, and everything just went crazy. Screams so loud I was surprised glass did not shatter; girls pushing to see something that cannot even be seen yet; camera’s flashing like they are on steroids or something. The hotel officially became chaos central. Forget barricade, I didn’t even know where I was standing. I was shifted around like a basketball and all I could see is a ring of bodyguards around King Khan and another circle of photographers. Fans had no chance whatsoever, but they still tried, will full effort and full force. A girl half my size was able to push me over and Im not exactly light weight.

For a distance of about 100 feet, madness engulfed the hotel atrium. When he finally reached the elevator, with aggressive and rather adamant fans right behind, I just gave up. I rather have my hands to type this blog than be totally messed up. However, it was an experience to remember. Its not always that you get to be a few feet from the King Khan. Got a few videos that have recorded the madness. Hope I get a chance to upload em. First I need to get out of the crazy crowd still in the hotel. Why don’t they realize that when you crowd, they all jet. Its not a theory, its a fact.