Possible Last Day at IIFA

This blog post is probably going to be very short for multiple reason. Spent 2 awesome days downtown with everyone at IIFA and to be honest it can be pretty tedious. Ive got to see some pretty awesome people beginning the day with Shahrukh Khan and then carrying on with the likes of Anil Kapoor, Bobby Deol, Dia Mirza, Bobbie Kapoor and so many more. Not all as successful as my thursday adventure but at the very least I got to see them. I probably won’t get another chance anytime soon.

One thing that IIFA does bring to the city of Toronto is a new perspective on the entertainment industry and Bollywood being around for a very long time, coming into a Hollywood dominated territory is pretty awesome. The only thing I would have liked to have seen is more of a chance for the community to interact with the industry. If I could sit in the same room as a star I love, there should be an activity or event that allows me to interact with that person – may it be a Q&A or simply a panel talk. Sure, don’t offer it free, charge but definitely have something that pushes conversation because without conversation there is no real experience.

The Royal York Hotel is buzzing as ever and the atmosphere cannot get any more exciting than this. Sitting in the lower level, enjoying a quiet spot typing away. Fans running around here and there with mass speculations.  Some turn out to be true but hey, whats the real point right? Last thing you want to experience is fan mob ruining your experience. Hopefully I am wrong and this is not my last experience but to be honest, I don’t see me getting much more in the coming days. Nonetheless, if I do get something else you will see it posted on the Blog.

Want to give a shout out to TwoMangoes.com for being super supportive and to the Royal York Hotel who’s employees (most) have been very supportive of this blog. Next stop, the series of TIFF events leading up to the ever so amazing, Toronto International Film Festival 2011.