June 23rd Adventure

You would think that after the first blog I wrote on the 23rd, it would be perfectly enough. Was I so wrong. I literally came down to the lobby of the Fairmont to catch up on a couple of missed phone calls, a bazillion emails and honestly an aching foot. What I didn’t know that coming downstairs would be one hell of a different adventure all together. I sat down in one of Fairmont’s luxurious sofa. Im not gonna lie, they are comfortable as hell (almost went off to sleep on one – looked pretty weird with me being in a suit).

Nonetheless, I really didn’t think too much of it and just sat around. Then I got a glimpse of Wajid Ali pop out from the west wing of the hotel. Not gonna lie, I was just starring for a moment that he was so casually walking around. I politely approached, asked for a photo and even got a chance to have a short chat. I follow back on my last post. They are really nice people, its just a matter of if you are being an idiot or not. It was really awesome meeting him. I then found my lovely sofa and before I could sit down I caught a glimpse of Anupam Kher just coming out from one of Fairmont’s amazing restaurants. Seriously, Anupam Kher. He is a legend in his own stead, a wonderful actor and a gentleman with absolute class. I was not going to let this chance pass me by. Speed-walked to the Front Squite many times treet entrance and politely asked for a photo. He was very much in a rush because he was missing a deadline but he did stop and took a picture. Like I said, gentleman in his own class.

To be honest, I couldn’t see how else this day was going to turn out. In a period of 20 minutes I met both Anupam Kher and Wajid Ali. I thought maybe I should sit down and start writing stuff so headed to the more intimate and quieter sofas located closer to the elevators. One would think the elevator area is more busy. On the contrary, the elevator area was quiet – shock 101 …yes. So I was just like cool, took out my phone to fast check my email. Ding the elevator rings, doors open and….*drum roll*….Gulshan Grover. I’ll be honest, I was just like what the hell for like 30 seconds. Best part, he just stood there checking his phone. I was pretty much slapping myself for not getting up sooner. Walked up, he completely understood why I was approaching him, put on his epic shades and snap snap went the camera. Got a shot with the Bad Man. Ohhhh yeah. Whats shocking, how nice the Bad Man was. He’s a  Good Bad Man. Now Im just playing with words….okay, time to stop.

Now seriously, I was 2 hours in. Im still trying to digest what just happened. I would have never thought Id get a chance to meet people like this at any given point unless a film premiers or Im in India. These were really rare opportunities and Im so glad I got a chance to meet those I did. What no one told me was that this was the tip of the iceberg. I now felt that moving around be best. I am just blogging but I don’t want people to mistake me for an annoying prick. So found a nice comfy long back chair around the center of the hotel and settled in. Settled in such an understatement here because guess who I saw next. The very beautiful (really beautiful) Prachi Desai. I really couldn’t recognize her at first and then went OMG. She was way too cool. She stopped for her fans, had a little chat with a few of them and went off. Fun enough, she later returned and continued to mingle with her fans. There’s definitely a social bird in her.

One would think that fans would get the hint that fans were coming from a certain direction…guess what, they did! But one thing for sure, it sure takes a heck of lot to recognize some of them. Rohit Roy popped out of the elevator and I approached him before anyone else. Then people noticed and the rest of it was history. Rohit was an absolutely simple guy just going for a great meal. However, one person that definitely is the most down to earth guy on the planet: Raju Hirani. He came downstairs with this son and wife and when I did approach him, he had an amazing smile, respected the fact that I was there to meet him and we even chatted for a but. Thats how its done. Best part, as he strolled about the grand atrium of Royal York he did not one second hesitate or act like he didn’t care.  I wonder how some of them stay calm when there are like 300 people following you. Hmm…maybe I will ask him the next time I bump into him (which to be honest was about half hour before I started typing this – damn it…)

Interestingly enough, little did I notice the person just across the hall. The cool dude Sonu Sood just stepped out and I knew I had 30 seconds before the crowd went nuts. I approached him asked a girl to take a picture and thank God I got that over with because in literally 10 seconds, fans on one side of the hotel got there and it was officially an South Asian mob. If there is one thing I have learnt, you got to nurture sharp instincts for stuff like this, or you are going to owned..really badly. This somewhat helped in noticing legendary Director of Rang De Basanti, Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra. He had a really cool hair do and a pretty awesome jacket. I ended getting a photo of him where he looks like a mob boss and me a shady mob member. And I will be honest, I think we both did it on purpose without really realizing  it but hey, now I got a great conversation piece. Its always the tiny details that just make it all a unique experience.

Now I thought my day was done and let me get it clear, I did just go through a hell of an experience. However, like in many adventures, something too awesome or super dramatic does happen to end off with a bang. Well, how big of a bang we were talking about no one on earth can comprehend, but what happened next was not something I was expecting at all. In walked the legend, one of the great Kapoor’s, Rajiv Kapoor. You could literally see people in the vicinity going, OMG and screaming out holy s”t. Yeah, anyone would. The best part, he was so cool and nice, he literally wanted to take pictures, take snapshots and give a chance for the fans to interact. We had a little chat about his awesome shirt. I really should have asked him where he got that shirt because if there are two things I really am interested in: shirts & tie. Nonetheless, I got to take a snapshot with a legend and had a nice short chat. You cannot end a day better than this. It truly is mind blowing.

All in all, I got to meet a ton of people, got to share sometime with the IIFA reps, and ended my day with Rajiv Kapoor. Certainly was an adventure. I should have brought a printed map and then dotted my encounters. All this in a space thrice the size of my school auditorium. Pretty awesome.

Now to go and finish what happened in the three hours Ive been writing this. Teaser Trailer in one word: SRK =D