Little India new temp address: The Royal York Hotel

IIFA is now in full gear in downtown Toronto. Today being the first official day of IIFA, its no wonder certain things in the city have changed pretty dramatically. The last time I came down here (2 days ago), I came down just as an ordinary citizen trying to get a glimpse of his favourite star. Today however I hoped to take a more formal approach to my blog and just sit in the lobby making observations as I go. Observations…thats a funny term indeed. Its more like a shock to ones eye. I am just approaching the hotel until I hear the loudest collection of screams Ive heard in a while. I so knew that I am approaching this hotel because the minute I came up, I saw like 300 people waiting outside just twitching to see a glimpse of someone from the Indian Film Industry. I couldn’t help but totally understand how they must have felt. I was in their shoes not long ago.

As I entered the ever so epic venue of the Royal York Hotel, you can just feel and hear the buzz. People chattering, volunteers of IIFA strutting about making sure that every little detail is perfect, representatives of the media ensuring all the equipment is a go and not to mention the hotel staff making sure the atmosphere of the hotel is up to standard for the epicness that IIFA is about start up in a mere few hours. People tend to say that any representative organizing or trying to put together an event can be either rude or annoying. Thats true, if your being annoying. Had an awesome couple of minutes chat with a couple of people and they absolutely rock! Just standing in the middle of the corridor you can just see how much they are trying to do, running up one floor, down two, making a bazillion calls, constantly saying the same thing to like groups of people and just trying to get everything in check. Its a good thing they brought down A LOT of people otherwise this be crazy.

I had a chance to go to the lower shopping lobby of the hotel and you get to see some really cool things that to be honest, don’t happen very much in this part of town. There are people providing Mehndi service, providing opportunities for group travel around the city to celebrate the IIFA spirit. I even bumped into my awesome IIFA community supporter strategically standing near the staircase and the middle of the hall for the best reach possible. Awesome choice on booth location! I wish they took out the sofa’s and armchairs and brought in typical Indian  bethaks, cofy large traditional South Asian sofa’s with no back. Honestly, even in a suit I want to sit on the ground. Decided against it to not look like a complete idiot haha.

To be honest, Ive only been here 1 hour since posting this and my day has got started. Im expecting a hell of a lot more experience in the next few hours. More posts to come as stuff happens. Hopefully I get a chance to sit in the Media Briefing!