Fan Expo 2014: Day 3 in Photos

Day 3 of Fan Expo 2014 truly redefined the meaning of chaos in a confined space. It seemed like Ontario wanted to move into the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, as there was barely an inch of space to move around. Fans in their bucket loads came down to celebrate everything the expo had to offer, including special guests attending only the weekend festivities. It was also a chance for us to focus on specific activities at the expo that brought out dedicated fans, a trend we will see extend into Day 4.

Here are some of the cool activities we had a chance of covering on Day 3:

  1. Tons of more Cosplay – see the gallery below for cool cosplay featured on Day 3, including some with working electronics and what not!
  2. Q&A session with the Cast of Lost Girl —> SEE GALLERY HERE
  3. Q&A session with the cast of Murdoch Mysteries —> SEE GALLERY HERE
  4. Introductions to the upcoming new show, Killjoys —> SEE GALLERY HERE
  5. Panel discussion with a variety of Showcase TV shows —> SEE GALLERY HERE

We’ve got photos in their hundreds, to click the links above and browse the photos below as well to see all the chaos from Day 3 at Fan Expo 2014.

Click photos to enlarge.