Fan Expo 2014: ‘Bitten’ Cast at the Expo

Space Channel’s Bitten – based on a book of the same name written by Kelley Armstrong – has created quite a buzz in recent months. Season 1 presented something new to audiences, and over the course of the season, the production gathered quite a fan base. Since it was announced that the production had been renewed, fans all around the world have been waiting patiently on news about the show, which began production quite recently.

To put perspective on where the show is headed, and to give a better idea of where it is, a number of cast members from the production attended Fan Expo 2014 to chat with fans and give them some insight on what is being developed. In addition, the event acted as a way to introduce new additions to the cast which include Tommie-Amber Pirie and Tammy Isbell, both of whom were in-attendance at the expo. Other cast members in attendance included Laura Vandervoort, Greg Bryk, Greyston Holt, Steve Lund, and Mike Xavier.

We had a chance to catch-up with the Bitten cast when they sat down to do autographs and photos with fans at the Space booth on the expo floor. Check out the gallery below for all the highlights from that event.

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