Fan Expo 2014: Survival Guide

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Fan Expo 2014 will kick-off in a couple of days, bringing in over 120,000 fans from all the across the country and from around the world. Presenting a mix of awesome events, talks with amazing celebrities, artists from all genres, vendors, companies and more, its pretty easy to get lost in all the hype and not prepare well enough. We present our 2014 guide, a hit list of all you need to know to prepare for the four day celebration of comics, movies and more. Some are common sense, while others are easily forgotten.

Read all the points below, make notes, and have fun at the expo!

What To Bring With You

Fan Expo is a great opportunity for photos, gathering swag and much more. Here are some things you MUST pack with you to ensure your managing your day and the many things you get at the expo.

  1. Cash: While debit and credit is used at some vendors and food outlets, cash is the most accepted form of payment, especially for Fan Expo merchandise and celebrity signings. In fact, celebrity signings is cash only. There are only a handful of debit machines in the building, and last thing you want to do is be in a line of 100 to get $20. Figure out how much cash you need and plan ahead.
  2. Camera + Extra Batteries: Its a massive photo opportunity. Don’t feel left out of the fun, especially because of flat batteries.
  3. Phone Charger: The Expo space does have quite a few charging points. The fact is, after a full day of running around, your phone is going to need a charge and having a phone in a space filled with 120,000 people will be useful, especially if you lose track of friends.
  4. A Large Bag: While you do get swag bags at the expo, nothing is more convenient than a backpack or satchel bag to carry all your stuff. Too many swag bags make it crazy difficult to run around, take photos, say hello to people and more.
  5. LOTS of Water and Food: Fan Expo is a little city in itself, and with over 120,000 fans attending, its going to be a busy weekend. While Fan Expo has a ton of great food vendors available, lining up may not always be the most convenient experience. Also, for celebrity signings, panel discussions, independent autograph sessions and more, people have to line up and those take a good chunk of time. Lastly, Metro Toronto Convention Centre isn’t small. You will be doing a lot of walking and staying hydrated is always a good plan.

Plan Your Schedule

There is nothing more irritating than coming down for the largest expo and then missing an event or opportunity. Planning your day out is key and there are some key things you can do in regards to that:

  1. Make a Plan for the Expo: The fact is, you can’t attend everything. Its just not happening. Select the events you really want to attend and list them down and their relevant times.
  2. Don’t Pack Your Schedule: Double check to see if all the events you want to attend don’t overlap or are not back-to-back. Even if there is 15 minutes between the two, you are not going to make the event because there has likely been a line a long while before the event, and you will not likely navigate through the crowds to get there.
  3. Print The Schedule: Fan Expo 2014 has a pretty detailed schedule online. Print it out and highlight the events you want to attend. You can find the schedule here:
  4. Make Sure You Plan Breaks: Don’t feel like you need to live every moment of the expo. Take a break where you can, re-energize and continue. There is a lot of convention to take in, and panicking doesn’t help.
  5. Be Early: Come to various events and panels early. Its a first come, first serve scenario and the earlier you are, the better chance you will get to be in that event.

Plan for Transit Delays and Parking Space

Getting to the Metro Toronto Convention Centre requires getting off at Union Station or St. Andrew Station (the most convenient of the two) and walking to the venue. Downtown Toronto transit can be very unexpected, with numerous delays due to work hours and other activities happening over the weekend. Make sure to leave a bit early. If you are planning to drive, make sure you are aware of all your parking options. There is parking space at the MTCCC, and details can be found here: – For other parking options, visit the parking map to find the nearest parking facility:

Bringing Kids to the Expo

For every Adult Pass, you are allowed to bring up to 2 kids between the ages of 6 and 12 for free (5 and under is free without the coupon). You MUST print the following coupon (link at the end) and bring it when you buy/redeem your adult ticket. For those having paid tickets mailed to you, please print this coupon and go to the Public Relations office when you arrive at the expo. To download Coupon click HERE

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