Chatting Music with Marissa Dattoli of Crystalyne


The 2014 Big Ticket Summer Concert rolled its way into Toronto this past weekend, and we had a chance to chat with a number of talents including Marissa Dattoli, lead singer in Toronto-based rock band Crystalyne.

Formed in 2011, Crystalyne kicked off its music adventure on the You Tube space, reaching audiences far and wide. Their popularity grew with their intense and extensive tour schedules. In a few short years, the band has opened for the likes of Marianas Trench, Lights, and Down With Webster, solidifying their rightful place in the world of music. To date, the band has released two EP’s: 2012’s Navigate and 2013’s The Remedy.

To learn more about their music, visit their website at You can follow the band on social media as well: @crystalynemusic (Twitter) and /crystalynemusic (Facebook)