NXNE 2014 Artist Profile: Old English

1796709_709050745794076_1377555392_nName: Old English

NXNE Show: Baltic Avenue – Wednesday, June 18 @ 11pm

Hometown: Toronto, Ontario

Music Genre: Synth-pop

Year it all began: 2011

Quick Introduction: The band originally began as the solo project of lead singer Matt Henderson and then grew and morphed into Old English in time for their debut album “Prose and Kahns.” Combining dreamy synths and hazy guitar washes with a driving rhythm section, Old English can be seen as part dream pop, part shoegaze and part indie rock. Playing around southern Ontario since 2010, Old English have built up a reputation for a dazzlingly tight live show packed with songs that are equally adventurous and accessible.

What got you into music? We’d all have different answers to that. I think we all grew up around music and always dreamt of playing in bands, and making records. Mostly we got into it for the girls and the money, obviously.

What are your sources of inspiration? So many. M83 was a huge inspiration when we were mixing our album. Spiritualized has always been a real inspiration for me when I’m writing (this is Matt talking). I’ve even tried to rip off the Bowerbirds quite a bit when writing so we have a pretty broad range of influences. Blur and Gorillaz are also hugely important to me too.

Dream gig? Opening for Blur on a comeback tour, even if it’s inevitable that I’d cry during the Universal.

Your thoughts about NXNE? Can’t wait! The bands coming through are incredible. I’m most excited about seeing Spoon and hopefully Spiritualized, but there are also lots of our friends playing, like Illitry, the Cautioneers, Stacey and others. The trick will be trying to fit it all in.

Interesting points others don’t know about you? We’re wildly uninteresting, which I don’t think people realize. We’ve also share members with other bands. I’m in Fitness Club Fiasco and Best Wishes (and Jess from Fitness Club will be singing with us at NXNE). Jarrad and Adam are in Field Days and Adam is in Century Thief. Thom is in the Gentlemen Thieves, though he’s out on tour with them so Levi from our favourite band First Rate People will be filling in on drums. We’re all hugely disloyal.