NXNE 2014 Artist Profile: Jess Reimer

Jess ReimerName: Jess Reimer

NXNE Show: The Cameron House – Thursday, June 19 @ 9pm

Hometown: La Rivière, Manitoba

Music Genre: Alternative Country

Year it all began: From the crib

Quick Introduction: I grew up on bluegrass and good country like Merle Haggard and Emmylou. Always sang and wrote songs. For years I toured with a traditional bluegrass act which included my Dad’s high lonesome tenor and three of the best pickers in Canada. Recently, I met Bob Wiseman and created something new with my songs that doesn’t feel so different it’s shocking but different enough it’s interesting.

What got you into music? Listening to Ralph Stanley while drinking gasoline out of a beer bottle in Northern Manitoba and singing myself awake and asleep from the crib are my first music memories. Having an English prof Father and school teaching Mother who had time for poetry but not hockey helped as did living in Winnipeg and rural MB where Winters are long.

What are your sources of inspiration? The country and other people’s stories. The country itself, in summer or winter alike, isn’t my inspiration. I don’t write specifically about the sky, the river, the moon so much as being here, living in this town of 200 people where the best place to read is the graveyard and the best place to walk is along the creek bed that cuts your feet up with shale and smooths diamond willow into walking sticks, has seeped into my songs about other things. Other people’s stories are great for discontented songs by a girl with a great life.

Dream gig? The Ryman – Nashville

Your thoughts about NXNE? Big City food. My pickers in their suits at the Cameron House! Bob Wiseman on keys. Toronto. SUMMER.

Interesting points others don’t know about you? Just signed on with Maple Music who are co-releasing ‘the Nightjar and the Garden” with Pipe and Hat (Winnipeg label). Also I drank gasoline from a beer bottle.