CMW 2014 Artist Profile: Dean West

Our first-time intro to any music artist begins with our Artist Profile, where we learn about them and their music, directly from them.

Dean WestName: Dean West

CMW Show(s): Saturday, May 10 @ 10pm – Detour

Hometown: Toronto

Music Genre: Hip Hop

Year it all began: 2000

A quick introduction: Born and Raised in the Beautiful city of Toronto. I am an Artist and Activist hoping to bring the conscious mindset back to Hip Hop with a little pinch of Reggae, Rock and a deep voice for flavour. To hear my music and download my latest project check out my website

What got you into music? Growing up I always had a love for music listening to everything from Bob Marley to Genesis to Prince to Michael Jackson to Aretha Franklin to Muddy Waters to AC/DC and many many many many many more thanks to my parents and my sister. So I decided one day to begin writing down my thoughts and views into poems and those poems turned into songs.

What are your sources of inspiration? Life, my faith, those around me, Social and political issues and my Mother, just to name a few.

Dream gig? Headline a concert with a 10 piece band in Jamaica. That’s where both my parents were born and raised and it would be quite special to achieve that. It’s also #77 on my bucket list.

Your thoughts on Canadian Music Week? It’s an amazing event. I’m not only Blessed to be apart of it, I am very honoured that I will be performing among many other talented men and women. I will be soaking in as much as I can and networking with as many people as I can.

Interesting points others don’t know about you? I am currently learning to play the guitar. Hoping to one day win a: Juno, Country Music Award and an Emmy. Releasing a Reggae single with a special feature Fall 2014.