CMW 2014 Artist Profile: Amy Carson Hunter

Our first-time intro to any music artist begins with our Artist Profile, where we learn about them and their music, directly from them.

Amy Carson HunterName: Amy Carson Hunter

CMW Show(s): Saturday, May 10 @ 1am – Free Times Cafe

Hometown: Toronto, ON

Music Genre: Folk-pop

Year it all began: 2008

A quick introduction: Amy Carson Hunter, folk-pop musician from Toronto, may still be relatively green to the Canadian music scene, but this scotch-scarred songstress doesn’t have the same wide-eyed naivety as most developing artists. Hunter’s debut studio EP, “Call Me the Wind” (May 2013) is a small collection of songs that reflect on the theme of moving forward. In collaborating with Grammy award-winning producer Dalton “D10” Tennant (Drake), Hunter’s songs find their inner playfulness, exposing the pop in her song writing while still showcasing her soft, yet incredibly soulful vocals and poetry-driven compositions.

What got you into music? My artist parents raised myself and my sister in a very creative environment, I took music lessons my whole life. I don’t think there was ever a moment in my house when we weren’t listening to music. Full disclosure, though: I learned to play the guitar to impress a guy I liked in University 😉

What are your sources of inspiration? I was really heavily influenced by folk heavy-hitters like Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, Emmy Lou Harris, etc. when I first started writing. Now I’m more influenced by (and proud of!!!) Canadian artists who are making folk music more textured & interesting, like Wilderness of Manitoba, Donovan Woods, or Aidan Knight.

Dream gig? When Joni Mitchell played Massey Hall last year in Toronto, and invited artists to cover her songs. That would have been my dream gig. She’s so incredible & Massey Hall is so beautiful. Maybe it will happen again in my lifetime.

Your thoughts on Canadian Music Week? It’s a nice excuse to come back to my hometown, plus there’s certainly no lack of music to see. It would be even nicer if they budgeted to be able to pay their musical acts though.

Interesting points others don’t know about you? 

  • I am a musical theatre nerd
  • I am a cookie monster
  • (…but cheese is my favourite food)