Shelby Bain and Victoria Baldesarra discuss The Next Step


It was 2014 when we last caught up with the cast and crew of The Next Step on the carpet for Season 2, and 2013 when we first interviewed Alexandra Beaton, Brittany Raymond, Isaac Lupien and Trevor Tordjman for the inaugural season. After a whopping 4 years, we finally have a sit down with cast mates Shelby Bain and Victoria Baldesarra to reconnect with the show and what has happened all these years. It’s amazing to see a true Canadian project have such a large, international impact.

About Shelby and Victoria

Victoria Baldesarra is a veteran on the show, playing Michelle ever since the first season back in 2013. Having started at the age of 3, dance is a big part of Baldesarra’s life, something that is evident from her performances on The Next Step. She will be joining other cast members again on a multi-nation tour, one that includes Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom this time around.

Shelby Bain is new to The Next Step family, joining them in Season 4 as Amy. She too has been dancing since a very young age, joining a competitive team when she was only 6. The multi-nation tour will be her first with The Next Step cast, but she did join them live on stage during the Big Ticket Summer Concert late last year.

The Interview

Shelby Bain and Victoria Baldesarra connected with us to discuss how its been like portraying their characters on the show, and diving into the whole live on-stage experience, especially with this being Bain’s first tour with the crew. Of course, we also wanted to connect and see what else they have been up to and what plans they have outside all The Next Step fun.

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