Fan Expo 2014: Four Must-Experience Activities at the Expo

Fan Expo 2014 presents one of its largest line-ups of events, talents, and attractions. Not to mention, the expo has grown in audience size to over 120,000 people. With all that going on, you can easily get lost in the madness. As such, we have created a list of some of the things you may want to check out at Fan Expo 2014.

Wonder Woman by Artist David Finch
Wonder Woman by Artist David Finch

Meet the Artists

People attend Fan Expo to see all the many things that it has to offer, but realistically, the focus has always been on the special guests attending, and there is nothing wrong with that. However, attention is sometimes taken away from the artists in attendance. Fan Expo is a great opportunity to meet some of the creatives behind the stories that inspire the larger movie universes. For example, at Fan Expo 2014, attendees get a chance to say hello to folks like Steve Epting, the co-creator of The Winter Soldier, the inspiration for this year’s hit Marvel film Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Also, there is Philippines born, Ontario-based artist Mike Del Mundo, who provides the stunning artwork for the latest Elektra series. Lastly, there is David Finch, an artist known for his Batman: The Dark Knight artwork and Watchmen movie concept art, who will be re-introducing Wonder Woman later in the fall with a new perspective. His work could very well influence how the character will evolve in the film and TV universe.


Jonny Harris plays Constable George Crabtree on CBC’s Murdoch Mysteries
Jonny Harris plays Constable George Crabtree on CBC’s Murdoch Mysteries

Be Introduced to Current & Upcoming Television Productions

Fan Expo is the perfect place to be introduced to upcoming and new television productions. Fan Expo 2014 will see cast Q&A’s for hit shows such as Bitten, Walking Dead, Lost Girl and Murdoch Mysteries, newly introduced shows such as Helix, and also in-development shows such as Killjoys. Most of the invited guests will participate in Q&A’s or autograph signings, and often both. It’s a great chance to say hello and perhaps be introduced to a new favourite TV show. There are a number of events planned for Fan Expo 2014, and we’ve taken the time to highlight a majority of them below, list in order of day and time, broken down in Q&A’s and screenings:

  1. Premiere Screening: LucasFilm’s Star Wars Rebels – Friday @ 2pm – Room 102
  2. Q&A: Innerspace Live with the Cast of Z-Nation – Friday @ 3:30pm – Room 701A
  3. Preview Screening: The Strain New Episode Sneak Peak with cast member introduction – Friday @ 5pm – Room 102
  4. Documentary: Turtle Power: A Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Documentary – Friday @ 5:45pm – Room 716
  5. Q&A: Innerspace Live with the Cast of Killjoys – Saturday @ 11am – Room 701A
  6. Q&A: Showcase Television Series Cast & Crew – Saturday @ 12pm – Room 102
  7. Q&A: Murdoch Mysteries Cast – Saturday @ 1:30pm – Room 102
  8. Premiere Screening: Dominion – Saturday @ 3pm – Room 102
  9. Q&A: Lost Girl Cast – Saturday @ 4:30pm – Room 102 / John Basset Theatre (Venue needs to be confirmed)
  10. Special Screening: LEGO Documentary – Saturday @ 5pm – Room 701A
  11. Q&A: Innerspace Live with the Cast of Bitten – Sunday @ 11am – Room 701A
  12. Q&A: Cast of Walking Dead – Sunday @ 11am – Room 105
  13. Q&A: Stephen Amell, star of Arrow – Sunday @ 12:30pm – Room 105
  14. Premiere Screening: Outlander – Sunday @ 2:30pm – Room 102

Often, autograph sessions will happen either before the Q&A’s or after, so give yourself enough time to find that out. Visit the booths of various productions, such as Showcase, Space and such will usually give you that information. Please also make sure to double check the above times before you make a plan. Things change all the time, and you don’t want to miss something because schedules changed.


Comic vendor booths at the Expo
Comic vendor booths at the Expo

Comics, Comics and more Comics!

Whether you are a comic collecting veteran or someone looking to get started, Fan Expo is the place to do it. While you do have to do your research into the sellers as you want to make sure you are dealing with someone reputable, Fan Expo gives fans an abundance of choice. Instead of visiting one comic book store and settling for whatever they have got at whatever price, you get a chance to shop around at the Expo. Most important thing to remember: don’t be afraid to ask for a deal on stuff you purchase. Most sellers are vary nice and will welcome offers, depending on what you are buying, quantity and your offer of course. In addition, go in with an idea of what you are looking for. Some comic book booths are so big, you can get easily sidetracked. By knowing what you want, you get to save time in the browsing process.


Michael Rooker provides the voice for Mike Harper, a character in Call of Duty: Black Ops II
Michael Rooker provides the voice for Mike Harper, a character in Call of Duty: Black Ops II

Meet People Beyond the Major Celebrities

Fan Expo Canada has always kept its reputation of bringing in some notable talents from all over the world. Some highlights this year include Sir Patrick Stewart, a Doctor Who reunion, and what has shaped up to be a Walking Dead reunion. It’s a splendid opportunity for any fan to come and say hello to their favourite stars. However, artists of all genres and productions will be in attendance at Fan Expo. Artists who specialize in voice work, for productions such as Total Drama and video games such as Call of Duty. Also, organizations such as Anchor Bay bring in special guests for their various film titles, often doing signings at their various booths. Silver Snail is another organization that does this.


Cover Photo: Michael Rooker @ Fan Expo 2013 / Photo Credit: Steve Murakami, The Arts Guild

All photos courtesy of the Fan Expo Canada website.