NXNE 2014 Artist Profile: Phinestro

PhinestroName: Phinestro

NXNE Show: Virgin Mobile Mod Club – Saturday, June 21 @ 7pm

Hometown: Brooklyn, New York

Music Genre: EDM

Year it all began: 2009

Quick Introduction: Phinestro = Maestro + Phinees  (Real name is Phinees). Diaspora Haitian, Brooklyn NYC born raised. Film music composer | Producer | Sound designer. Credits music Aeropostale , Six Flags.

What got you into music? At age of 11 played the guitar. I love listening to smooth Jazz CD101.9 – I was playing saxophone at the time in marching band and also at church. But I went deep with the guitar. Later throughout college, I toured with gospel Groups and played with R&B, hiphop Soul acts in NYC from time to time. Then over the years I gained a bug to score music for my Film director friends and took me to places online and traveling opportunities to score film/ commercial tv work.

What are your sources of inspiration? Sounds, Visual and overall Fashion inspires me. When a person, Place of object pass by which encompass the elements that grabs my attention or curiosity.

Dream gig? Working with Prince on a EDM Record. Yes. PRINCE the artist Known as PRINCE.

Your thoughts about NXNE? A diversified festival which is an AMAZING network to meet great people in every industry. It comes together that brings the best of Music, Film , Art Education, and ideas all in one place! Its so EPIC!

Interesting points others don’t know about you? Outside of Music, I teach at Harlem Children Zone. Teaching Film video production & Media studies.