NXNE 2014 Artist Profile: Gold Beach

Gold BeachName: Gold Beach

NXNE Show: The Boat – Wednesday, June 18 @ Midnight 

Hometown: Austin, TX

Music Genre: Pop/Soul

Year it all began: 1979, when I was born

Quick Introduction: Gold Beach is my own musical experiment, based in Austin, TX. It started as a bedroom project, kind of folky and minimal. The new record, Ryou Cannon, is bolder but equally sparse. We modeled our approach on great minimal records, like Yeezus, the Boxer, and many others. There’s also a twinge of Peter Gabriel in there. The record will come out at some point this year hopefully. Come see the show! I’ll be essentially karaoke-ing some of the tracks solo.

What got you into music? My mom’s collection of folk music. Joan Baez, Tim Harden, and others. I was playing guitar and piano at the time and I could really hear the song structures and words well, and how it all came together. I always wanted to write songs, and those artists did such a good job of exposing their compositions. It gave me a lot of motivation to write and sing.

What are your sources of inspiration? EVERYTHING. Musically, there’s so much to explore all of the time. I try to spend as much time with a single record as possible. its easy to get sucked into to so much music, I find it more rewarding to enjoy an artist (or his/her record) for a several weeks. I learn more about them and myself this way. I’m loving the new Mutual Benefit disc, some old Jimmy Cliff records, Drake, etc. I’m also really enjoying a lot of artists who work with light: James Turrell, Peter Van Riper, various holligraphy artists.

Dream gig? Scoring music for film. I love music and film and the tremendous role it can play. Wish it was valued a little more.

Your thoughts about NXNE? I’m very excited. I have high expectations for the city of Toronto and the festival. honestly, I’m just happy to be a part of it all, and I’m looking forward to visiting the Gardiner Museum, and attending some of the ART and COMEDY events associated with the festival.

Interesting points others don’t know about you? I don’t think people know a whole lot about me. I can start with my name: Michael Winningham.