NXNE 2014 Artist Profile: Ghost Town Jenny

Ghost Town JennyName: Kim Kylland from Ghost Town Jenny

NXNE Show: The Cameron House – Wednesday June 18, @ Midnight

Hometown: Oakland, California

Music Genre: Cinematic Soul

Year it all began: 2011

Quick Introduction: Hello! My name is Kim Kylland, and I am the main songwriter and singer/guitarist/pianist in Ghost Town Jenny. We are a quartet, currently based in the Bay Area of California.

What got you into music? My father and mother. My dad’s taste in music was mostly very old country, which is the first type of music I learned to play and has influenced me greatly as a writer and musician. My mom was into disco and pop, and listening to music with her almost always involved dancing and pretending to be whitney houston or paula abdul. Music was always around me growing up. It was a part of me, and still is.

What are your sources of inspiration? Life. Dreams. Other artists. Travel… these days we are very inspired by touring and live performance.

Dream gig? Probably playing in a very ancient church, or an ice cave. Somewhere unique and beautiful, with lots of natural reverb.

Your thoughts about NXNE? We are so excited! This will be our first time in Canada, so we are just looking forward to exploring a new city and hearing the other fantastic bands that will be playing the festival with us!

Interesting points others don’t know about you? I was an equestrian for about 10 years of my life. I was certain that I would join a circus as a trick rider, until about the age of 15 when an injury forced me stop doing things like hanging from a moving horse. Around that time I learned how to play acoustic guitar, and that really changed my path and my dreams.