NXNE 2013: Air Dubai – Get Your Groove On!

I had the treat of being a part of Air Dubai‘s first Canadian appearance in concert. This hip-hop band, hailing from Denver, Colorado, blew me away with their innovation and passion for music. Not the traditional hip-hop band, these boys are known for blending the styles of hip-hop, rap, pop, soul, and electric into a truly unique genre. As someone who does not listen to many genres outside of classical, pop, country, the occasional indie music, and alternative pop, I can say for certain that Air Dubai’s music is engineered for true music lovers who appreciate music from multiple genres.

This six-man band started when high school friends Julian Church and Jon Shockness decided to join together to form Air Dubai. Add on drummer Nick Spreigl, guitarist Lawrence Grivich, Michael Ray on the keyboards, and bassist Taylor Tait, this wonderful group has created their own style of music for the masses. Each member of the band lives their music and is so into it that their passion overflows when they are onstage. They are truly and magnificently invested in their music and are able to get the crowd dancing with their beats. A fun group with a lot of personality, they had everyone at the Drake Undergrounds venue bopping along to their music.

Air Dubai is definitely a band that music fans do not want to miss. Their artistic creativity in blending rap with soul music and the fun chords of the guitar along with the synthesizer creates colourful tones that flawlessly blend together. I had only heard of this type of mixing in film, and even that could not compare to what this band accomplished. Truly amazing, don’t miss out on Air Dubai.

Air Dubai