NXNE 2013 Artist Profile: AstroCoven

AstroCovenName: AstroCoven

Hometown: Winnipeg

Music genre: Fuzzed out Heavy Metal

Year it all began: 2008

A quick introduction: I think AstroCoven has something really different to offer. We take elements of the old 70s riff-based rock and give it a darker, modern edge. It’ll make you grow hair where hair didn’t grow before.

What attracted you to music? Satan

What are your sources of inspiration? In terms of lyrics, I usually get inspired when traveling. You hear stories about the shady history of places. That makes for great source material.

What would your dream gig be? Playing Maryland Death Fest.

What are your thoughts about the NXNE platform? The NxNE festival is a great opertunity for up and coming bands to break out of their local scene and play to a larger audience in a different city.

Interesting points others don’t know about you? Our bassist makes all of his own custom effects pedals. Our guitarist has mild ocd and has to vacuum before each show and our drummer was forced to do vocals by the rest of the band after they heard him singing in the shower.