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Federation of the Disco PimpName: Federation of the Disco Pimp

NXNE Shows: The Gladstone Hotel Ballroom (Friday, June 14 @ 1 AM) and Sidedoor (Saturday, June 15 @ 2 AM)

Hometown: Glasgow, Scotland

Music genre: Funk

Year it all began: 2010

A quick introduction: Scotland’s premier exponent of modern funk. Combining elements of Old-School Funk, Disco and Jazz, this 7-piece band of Scots are legendary for their endless energy and blistering live sets.

What attracted you to music? We were all attracted to Funk for its dirty, tight grooves & relentless energy. Watching all them girlies dance to the ‘One’, we had to get in on that!

What are your sources of inspiration? James Brown. Herbie Hancock, Lettuce, Soulive, Zappa. Bootsy Collins. The need to get y’all dancing!

What would your dream gig be? Worldwide tour with all those cats mentioned above.

What are your thoughts about the NXNE platform? We’re excited to be introducing our music to a new audience. Hopefully pick up new fans and get more shows back here after NXNE; we wanna explore this great country. We’ve brought our Scottish party to the table and we wanna share it with you all.

Interesting points others don’t know about you? Our debut album ‘More than Dancing’ was produced in Brooklyn by Joel Hamilton (Gil Scott Heron, Tom Waits, Soulive) at Studio G, we have 2 albums released in Japan (via P-Vine Records) & we are championed by Craig Charles (BBC6 DJ, Red Dwarf, Robot Wars).