Canadian Screen Awards

Nominees for the Canadian Screen Awards Announced!

The season of awards is upon us and everywhere you look, there’s an accolade being presented. The Golden Globes and the Oscars are certainly head-turner awards, creating a lot of buzz every year. However, we get a bit of news that’s a little closer to home. The Canadian Screen Awards – a new set of awards as a result of a merger between the Gemini and Genie Awards – has put out its nominees this morning. Leading the pack is Kim Nguyen’s Rebelle / War Witch, which is also an Oscar contender.

An overview of the top 5 nominated films:

  1. Rebelle / War Witch – 12 Nominations
  2. Laurence Anyways – 10 Nominations
  3. Midnight’s Children – 8 Nominations
  4. Still Mine – 7 Nominations
  5. Goon & L’affaire Dumont  – 6 Nominations

In addition, Stories We Tell, The World Before Her, Indie Game: The Movie, Over My Dead Body and Alphée des Étoiles will all hope to achieve the accolade of Best Feature-Length Documentary.

In the television category, we had a pretty amazing mix of nominees. Here’s a quick snapshot of the top 5 nominated television shows:

  1. Flashpoint – 12 Nominations
  2. Less Than Kind – 10 Nominations
  3. Michael: Tuesdays & Thursdays – 8 Nominations
  4. Bomb Girls, Degrassi, Good God – 6 Nominations
  5. Continuum – 5 Nominations

To check out the full list of nominees, visit

The Canadian Screen Awards takes place and is broadcast live on March 3, 2013 at 8pm (8:30 N.T) on CBC.