Fan Expo 2012: Day 3 in Photos

Fan Expo day 3! The excitement of comics, cosplay and celebrities continues into the weekend, with Saturday being the most packed of the four days. With the greatest number of celebrities in attendance, biggest list of activities and the largest attendance, Saturday turned out to be one hell of a crazy day. We were back to capture every moment and present day 3 in photos! Some of the special events we got a chance to attend included:

  1. Lost Girl Cast Q&A! 
  2. The Masquerade
  3. Criminal Minds Q&A – A.J. Cook & Matthew Gray Gubler in-attendance!

Have a look through a third day’s worth of comic, sci-fi, anime, horror and gaming madness! Amazing cosplay (an unlimited supply of unique costumes!!) and great celebrity guests!

Click to enlarge photos.

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