Fan Expo 2012: Day 1 in Photos

Day 1 of Fan Expo 2012 was a blast! Even for relatively short schedule, the lines were packed, the vendors were stocked and excitement was in the air. The Arts Scene was on site to capture all the magic from the opening day. Here’s a list of some activities and events we had a chance to capture:

  1. Ribbon cutting ceremony with the Hulk himself: Lou Ferrigno!
  2. The Art of Frankenweenie Exhibition presented by Disney
  3. Stan Lee Q&A! –> See the full gallery HERE
  4. The LG Cinema Gaming Championship
  5. Julie Benz Q&A! –> See the full gallery HERE

We also captured all the amazing cosplay created by fans to celebrate four days of comics, characters and a whole lot of fun. From anime to x-men, we saw some amazing costume designs that really took effort to create. Best of all. we caught Master Chief at the Just Dance booth rocking away! How awesome is that?

Check out the photos from day 1 of Fan Expo below! Share em, comment, spread the love! Many more photos coming over the next few days!

Click to enlarge photos.