Last Days @ TIFF

After the awesome experience of meeting Jennifer Garner after years of trying, I fell into work mode. Alas, getting back to the routine was upon me and like the other TIFF enthusiasts, I just needed to get back into the everyday schedule. However, I wasn’t going to let work stop me from truly experiencing a little more TIFF before the great Festival was over. This post culminates both my Day 5 and Day 6 experiences. Truth be told, they were relatively short days in my books. I didn’t really think the hype would die out that fast but I guess exhaustion does kick in at some point. Like I said before TIFF even began: plan and prepare. It helps to truly appreciate the full TIFF experience.

Day 5 was very interesting. I was at work till around 4 and thought, i had this item I wanted to give a friend of mine who was downtown already, so I just headed downtown to meet him. After coming out to Roy Thompson Hall, I was really shocked to see barely anyone there. Then again I thought, It is Wednesday – it has almost been a week since TIFF began. After having a chat with my friend I decided I might as well stay because I was already here. Only had work the next morning so as long as I was done by 10, I should be fine for tomorrow. So i stayed and thought that I might as well add to the screams and see a few people. Little did I know that just 1 hour after I arrived, I was to meet Patrick Huard. Now alot of you at this moment are like, “who the hell is he?!”. Well he played David Bouchard in Bon Cop, Bad Cop. I really didn’t even know he was in town so getting a sweet picture with him was pretty cool. The director Ken Scott, in Toronto to promote his movie Starbuck was absolutely fantastic as well.

After a bit of a surprise, we waited for the next premier which wasn’t too long after. Sadly, it began to drizzle and in the rain, anything can happen. Its a hit and miss at premiers because usually the premier doesn’t become very glamorous. Nonetheless, we thought we’d wait and see because arriving in a few are Nicholas Cage and Joel Schumacher. Yes ladies and gentlemen, THE Joel Schumacher. Director of everything from Batman Forever & Flawless to Veronica Guerin. A legend in his own class and what better moment to meet him. If only the rain would die down. Moments later, like every TIFF day prior, the fantastic black Cadillac SUV’s rolled up and out popped Mr. Schumacher. Even in the rain and with the PR person urging him to go in, he signed and everything for the fans. It was fantastic! Soon followed by him was Mr. Cage himself. He looked like he had just gone through a long day but even with that, in the now-pretty-heavy-drizzle, signed and everything for his fans. People do have a thing against his many movies and I will admit, some could have been a lot better than they were done. However, judging the man himself, he takes his time to give back as much as he can. I admire the man for doing what he did this TIFF and it shows that he really is trying to showcase himself 100%. Hopefully better times come his way in the months to come. Wish him and Joel the best of luck for Hysteria! It looks like an awesome film and I urge individuals to definitely go watch it!

As Day 5 concluded and my Day 6 began funny things just kept happening. Remember the time when you finished something and then you just had free time? yeah, this was that day. I went to work finding my project already finished. So I pretty much had the whole day to myself. After heading downtown to have lunch with a friend I came upon a very strange sight: A FARMERS MARKET! First I was a bit shocked but hey, everyone loves fresh stuff. It is awesome to just have local grown produce right in front of you. After a little walk around, I met my friend for lunch. It was quite an awesome day considering I had no work, saw some fresh produce, had lunch with an old friend and now was just walking around King Street because there was no one there! Interestingly, our TIFF group finally met around 3:30pm after which we just sat and had a chat. It was a cold day and I will admit, I didn’t really plan the clothing all too well. Was freezing like a popsicle and couldn’t wait till the day was over.

5:30 came by fast and it was another foreign film, A Happy Event. It is sad to see the lack of support for foreign films in an international setting. Yes a language barrier may exist, but supporting such a cause increases diversity in the industry and thus promotes new talent to showcase their ideas. I had read up on the film prior when the first film festival details were out and was quite familiar with the film and the cast. We didn’t want the film director and cast in attendance to feel like they were at TIFF for nothing so we genuinely waited to support them as they arrived. First arrival was the director and writer of the film, Rémi Bezançon. A gentleman himself, he acknowledged people waiting for him, chatted with a few before making his way in. Following him was the films lead actress, Louise Bourgoin. She looked absolutely gorgeous when she arrived and spent quite a significant time with the fans. It is always great to see up and coming individuals such as Louise and Rémi. It takes a little support to truly push talent upwards. Thats just what makes the film world fantastic.

After a great 6:30 red carpet, we awaited for the 9:30 premier arrivals. The ones the many behind the barricades were waiting for. In attendance, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Jonathan Pryce, Hugh Dancy & Director Tanya Wexler here to promote their new movie, Hysteria. Just like always, the SUV`s rolled in when the 8:30 time checked in. The director Tanya Wexler was dragged in by PR and we honestly hoped that this was not going to be a repeat of Tuesday where we wait for nothing and the day ends. However, Hugh Dancy put us at ease when he walked over to chat with the fans, take photos and what not. Hugh has done quite a lot of films but the one I truly remember him from is King Arthur as Galahad. Fantastic film and fantastic acting on his part! After the arrival of this amazing actor came the arrival of another. This one you may all well remember as Governor Weatherby Swann from Pirates of the Carribean. Yes everyone, in came the man himself, Jonathan Pryce. I was astonished at how sincere and down to earth he was. He came over, chatted for a short bit and really spent a good amount of time acknowledging the fans. At 64, I absolutely admire his sincerity and gentleman like attitude. You will soon see in my reflections post what I mean by the age factor. Finally, the last SUV rolled up. Out came a somewhat beautiful sight: Maggie Gyllenhaal. She looked absolutely gorgeous in her dress and the fact that she came over to sign for the fans was another plus. She had not done so in many events prior and to see her mingling with the fans, was just awesome.

My night ended rather quickly and I was a bit glad, primarily because of the falling temperatures. Had a wonderful chat with Farah from CP24 before I called it a night and sadly, my last night at TIFF. When you are leaving the venue knowing that you will truly only visit that select area a year from now does have a sad feeling. To those who attend TIFF every year like myself, a small area where you spend hours with people truly becomes a spot of alot of memories. Everytime you walk past it, you will recall all the memories from TIFF and thats exactly what TIFF brings. It creates memories for everyone to share for a lifetime.

I will have a reflections post soon so keep an eye out for that as well as exciting post-TIFF events that will go up live too!



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