Melissa Cash Discusses Pok Pok, Design and Reinventing ‘Play’

Collision Conference 2022

How important is good design when it comes to engaging kids? What we saw at Collision Conference 2022 was that good design is vital in creating memorable experiences.

The conference provided us with an opportunity to dive in and chat with those entrepreneurs that are challenging the status quo of what is possible and how things should be done.

A company that grabbed our attention was Toronto-based EdTech startup Pok Pok, and its app Pok Pok Playroom. The app is a collection of handcrafted toys that provide an opportunity for kids 2-6 years old to have open-ended play, letting their imaginations dictate their experience. They have essentially created a safe space where kids can play without rules or distractions; just good design and soothing sounds to create a calm, immersive environment.

The app was awarded the 2021 Apple Design Award three weeks after release; that says it all really.

Melissa Cash, Co-Founder and CEO of Pok Pok, gave us the low-down on how the company and the app came about, including insight into its female-founding team. In addition, she discusses the super importance of the minimalistic and distraction free design that is all handmade, old-school style. This was refreshing to hear, funny enough, as purposeful visual art has gone into the development of the app and its experience.

Its amazing to see the talent that we have in our own country, and the innovation that is being put forward to disrupt stagnant processes and models to level-up the experience for the end consumer.

Kids are our future, and finding a way to invigorate their minds is critical going forward.

Pok Pok just raised over $3 million dollars to expand their business, and I cannot wait to see their growth accelerate in the weeks and months to come.

Cover Photo: Steve Murakami. © The Arts Guild Inc.