Are we doing philanthropy wrong? Dr. Siyabulela Mandela shares his thoughts on what needs to change

Collision Conference 2022

We’ve all either heard about, participated in or coordinated some type of arts-powered fundraiser in our lifetimes. Whether its a concert series donating proceeds to charity, or a black-tie gala attend by A-listers that hope to write massive cheques for good causes, the arts has played a major role in contributing to humanitarian and philanthropic causes across the world.

But what if we are doing it all wrong?

Dr. Siyabulela Mandela takes a moment during Collision Conference 2022 to give his feedback on philanthropy, and how we can change where we give to have a more robust, positive impact on society.

In his capacity at Journalists for Human Rights, Dr. Siyabulela Mandela is an active human rights and peace advocate who knows a thing or two about the inner happenings in Africa. The continent is often the subject of many fundraisers over the past few decades, so it was fitting to discuss directly with someone who is on the ground and understands the geo-political and social issues that may impact how and where we put our money.

Advocacy is in Dr. Mandela’s blood, quite literally. As the great-grandson of the great Nelson Mandela, he follows in the footsteps of Madiba; but from his various talks at Collision, he is clearly defining his own path. Even in our conversation, you can hear his passion and drive, key traits in driving positive social change.

Cover Photo: Steve Murakami. © The Arts Guild Inc.