Fan Expo 2014: Interview with Stan Lee


There are a handful of “oh my God!” moments one can have, but Fan Expo Canada has proven to be a place where folks can expect the unexpected. We had the most stellar opportunity to sit down with the comic legend himself, Stan Lee, to get his insight about the expo, the artists in attendance, and the general comic book takeover at the box office this past decade.

Originally from New York City, Stan Lee is an iconic figure in the comic book space. His early career comprised primarily writing stories for comics, while also dabbling in other literary works in a variety of genre’s. His true success came in 1960’s, when he along with publisher Martin Goodman, responded to the changes in the comic book realm by the folks at DC Comics. First starting out creating the Fantastic Four with artist Jack Kirby, Lee has gone on to create some of the most iconic comic characters of time, many of whom we see in the many comic book films we see being produced every year. The most successful of his creations is Spider-Man, a character he very much refers to till this very day at the variety of conventions and expos he visits.

See our short, but awesome chat with the legend above.

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Cover Image Credit: Stan Lee & Fan Expo Canada