Fan Expo 2014: Day 4 in Photos

The last day of Fan Expo 2014 showed no signs of “conclusion”. Thousands of fans returned to the multi-building, multi-day convention, interacting with the many Q&A’s, activities and attractions the event had to offer. Day 4 saw the return of past guests such as Sir Patrick Stewart, featured events such as panel discussions for TV shows such as Walking Dead and Bitten, and even included a number special screenings.

We had the pleasure to be part of some of the activities. Here are some of the highlights from Day 4 of the expo:

  1. Interview with Stan Lee – We chat with the legend himself: WATCH HERE
  2. A Spotlight on the Artist Alley – SEE GALLERY HERE
  3. Rue Morgue: Festival of Fear – Horror spotlight – SEE GALLERY HERE
  4. The Walking Dead panel discussion – SEE GALLERY HERE
  5. Bitten cast at the expo – SEE GALLERY HERE

As always, we had the opportunity to further appreciate the tons of new cosplay that was brought to the convention. From Hellboy to Deadpool, the characters, their costumes, and their respective variations came in the bucket load. Take a browse at our gallery below with some of the cool highlights of the day. In addition, click above on the individual links to see dedicated galleries to certain activities and events.

Click photos listed below to enlarge.