Fan Expo 2014: A Spotlight on the Artist Alley

We have dedicated much of our Fan Expo programming to highlight the amazing cosplay people spend weeks creating, as well as the many celebrity guests who take the time to attend and share their stories with fans. However, the one thing folks don’t appreciate as much as they should is the Artist Alley. Each year, hundreds of artists, from veterans to beginners, attend the four day expo to share their art and craft. From t-shirt designers, to officially commissioned comic artists, the Artist Alley has a blend of many artistic perspectives and offerings.

As mentioned in our “Four Must-Experience Activities at the Expo” article sometime back, the Artist Alley plays host to a number of notable artists as well. Tony Moore, co-creator of The Walking Dead was in attendance, adding to The Walking Dead reunion the expo was having this year. Steve Epting, the man who created the Winter Soldier, was also in attendance. His work very much inspired the latest Captain America film, and will likely influence future Captain America related films as well. Lastly, you had folks such as David Finch and Mike del Mundo who are transforming well established characters such as Wonder Woman and Elektra respectively.

The fact is, artists put a lot of time and effort into their craft and because of the sheer size of the expo, they don’t necessarily get the spotlight they need to grow and become established individuals. We took some time during the expo to wander around the Artist Alley, randomly stopping at various booths to chat with the artists and highlight their work via photos. These can be seen below. Our hope is that down the road, we have the capacity to feature every single artist attending the expo.

Please browse the pictures of various artists and their booths below. Click photos to enlarge.

Please visit them on their respective websites and take a look at their work.