Beyond the Mic: Lucie Pohl discusses Comedy, ‘Overwatch’, and Bringing it all Together

Being a comic is not just about finding a hoodie, jumping on stage, and making a fool of yourself. Partially. It’s got a lot more elements, everything from the sources that inspire the writing, to the courage to get up on stage and portray exactly what you are putting down.

New Yorker Lucie Pohl sits down to give us some insight into her comedy journey, where all her crazy characters come from, and bringing her voice to a global audience via Blizzard Entertainment’s hit team-based multiplayer online FPS Overwatch and her character Mercy.

About Lucie

Born in Hamburg, Germany, Lucie’s roots are from a talented family. With her mum and dad both artists in their own right, Lucie has established her own foothold in the arts through her unique writing and comedy. She is not your cookie cutter performer, diving into the world in her unique way, challenging the limitations to truly deliver an interesting, engaged gig.

Playing Mercy in Overwatch was not her first voice gig. Prior to the hit video game, Lucie has been involved with dozens of commercials and voice-over work for top leading brands, such as P&G, Puma, Rockstar Games and TripAdvisor.

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The Interview

If we had the time, we’d chat with Lucie for a couple of hours. In the time that we had, we really dived into the origins of her comedy work, the characters and how they came about, New York City and its impact on her work, and of course, all things Overwatch: the fans, the experience, and its impact on her career.


Cover Photo by Mindy Tucker. Courtesy of Lucie Pohl.