Stories that Connect: Zak Santiago discusses Mina Shum’s ‘Meditation Park’

Last year, Mina Shum’s Meditation Park received rave reviews from audiences at the Toronto International Film Festival. After many months on the festival circuit, the film gets its theatrical release in Toronto.

We had the wonderful opportunity to sit down with actor Zak Santiago to discuss the film, how he got involved with the project, and his general love for making Canadian indie films.

Meditation Park opens March 9th, 2018, in Vancouver, Ottawa, and Toronto. Coming to other cities soon. Audiences in the US, UK and Australia can catch Meditation Park on Netflix.

About Zak

Born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Zak has been heavily involved with the Canadian arts industry, both as an actor as well as a DJ.

His on-screen work is split between television and films. His television credits include recurring roles in projects such as Continuum, The X-Files, True Justice and more. On the film side, beyond Meditation Park, his other credits include films such as The Eye (starring Jessica Alba), Cult of Chucky, and The Assignment (starring Michelle Rodriguez and Sigourney Weaver).

He shares the screen in Mina Shum’s Meditation Park across a number of amazing talent, including Pei-Pei Cheng, Sandra Oh, Tzi Ma, Don McKellar and Liane Balaban.

The Interview

Out chat with Zak Santiago covered many aspects, including how got involved with Mina Shum’s film and what audiences can expect when they go to watch it, and then moving onto the value of independent films and the importance of creating Canadian stories.