Govinda Van Maele unveils ‘Gutland’ at TIFF 2017


That moment where you show up to TIFF, walk into a press opportunity, and realize you have a lot in common with the person you are interviewing. Govinda Van Maele was such a conversation, who is in Toronto for the first time ever to celebrate the opening of his film Gutland.

About Govinda

Debuting his first feature film at the 2017 Toronto International Film Festival, Govinda aims to share with audiences a complex world, filled with multiple stories and reflections. A film very much for mature audiences, it dives into various mature topics, the idea of identity, and certainly into the realm of discovery.

Born in Luxembourg, he is an alumnus of the Berlinale Talent Lab, and has directed a number of short films prior to Gutland. 

The Interview

Govinda dives into the making of the film, the sources of inspiration that he reflects on to craft the final product, and what he looks for in a film as a filmmaker. This is an in-depth chat with a relatively fresh face in the industry, someone we hope will continue to make films and inspire folks.