Young Guns at TIFF: Sheila McCarthy and her journey with ‘Cardinals’

One of the films we wanted to take a look at this year was Cardinals, a feature film directorial debut by emerging filmmakers Aidan Shipley and Grayson Moore. After having seen their short films Dorsal and Boxing, what they were going to cook up for a feature film was definitely on our radar. To get into the making of the film, we speak to the one person who was in the centre of all of it: the films lead Sheila McCarthy.

Make sure to catch the last remaining TIFF 2017 public screening on Sunday, September 17th at Jackman Hall.

About Sheila

If you want to know what a rockstar really looks like, give one look to Sheila McCarthy. Born in Toronto, she is a powerhouse actress and a veteran of the Canadian creative industry, appearing in film, TV, voice productions and on stage.

Whether its her playing Samantha ‘Sam’ Coleman across from Bruce Willis in Die Hard 2 or Sarah Hamoudi in hit Canadian TV show Little Mosque on the Prairie, the diversity of her performances is far and wide. She has also appeared in a number of productions as a guest star, including Orphan Black, Saving Hope, and Murdoch Mysteries.

While she continues to be involved in productions, she dedicates much of her time to education, fueling the next generation of talent and helping them define their path down the creative road.

The Interview

Sheila sat down with us during the 2017 Toronto International Film Festival to talk with us about the film, working with emerging filmmakers Aidan Shipley and Grayson Moore, and discussing the shift we are seeing in the film landscape with young talent and their vision of the industry.