A Directing Adventure: Amy Jo Johnson discusses ‘The Space Between’


As Fan Expo came to a close, our final chat over the weekend was with the wonderful Amy Jo Johnson. Our last conversation with her was back in 2013 when she made her directorial debut with short-film Bent, presented as part of the Women in Film & Television Toronto Short Film Showcase.

Now she makes her feature film debut with The Space Between, starring an ensemble cast of talented Canadians including Michael Cram, Julia Sarah Stone, Michael Ironside, Sonya Salomaa and many more.

About Amy

Having been a part of hit productions such as Felicity and Flashpoint, there are very few who won’t recognize Amy Jo Johnson. While in high school, she started off in gymnastics before choosing to go into acting.

Her first major role was as Kimberly Ann Hart, the Pink Ranger, in the 1993 television series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. After 6 years on the show, she took on a number of diverse film and TV projects, landing roles such as Julie Emrick in Felicity and Stacy Reynolds in The Division.

In 2008, she became a series regular on Toronto-filmed production Flashpoint, playing Constable Jules Callaghan.

Her love for Toronto can be seen in her latest directing adventures; films featuring Canadian artists and settings, with stories that are sure to warm your heart. The Space Between is her first feature-length film, and as you’ll hear in the interview, one of many to come.

Beyond film and television, Amy Jo Johnson is also an accomplished singer-songwriter, with a number of albums to her name. You will find her music as part of some of the productions she has been a part of, especially her own films.

The Interview

The chat at Fan Expo 2017 gave us an opportunity to talk about Amy’s drive to create films, putting on the directors hat in recent years.

She also discussed the importance of Canada to her career, and how the country – and Toronto specifically – created a launch pad for her adventures in directing, mentioning some of the resources available in Canada that are integral to emerging filmmakers and indie film development.