Fan Expo 2015: Day 4 in Photos

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Fan Expo 2015 ended on a high note with one final day filled with amazing panel discussions and Q&A’s.

Sunday became the last opportunity for fans to purchase what they wanted, engage with some of the vendors who were on site, and really catch up with the folks they really wanted to. In addition, Sunday did bring about the family crowds as its an easy opportunity for mom and dad to take what is a day off, and enjoy some time with the kids.

The day showcased a number of amazing panel discussions, the highlight of which was one with the cast of The Walking Dead. Norman Reedus, Lennie James and Chandler Riggs took to the stage to share memories from set, insight into the new season, and a whole lot more. Other panels for the day included a Q&A with Gillian Anderson and Hayley Atwell.

Most cosplayers showcase their work on the Friday and Saturday of Fan Expo, with a big drop in costumes on day 4. This year it was a little bit different. There are many more costumes than we had expected this year, and it was great to see that some folks had stuck around for four days with little to no drop in enthusiasm. That takes determination because we as a team were toast by the last day.

We put our focus on The Walking Dead panel and some cool cosplay we got to see on the final day, and the pictures we got are in the gallery below. Thanks for following The Arts Guild’s coverage of Fan Expo. We’ll be sure to showcase some of our interviews later today and in the coming days with folks like J. Scott Campbell, and Meredith and David Finch.

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