Toronto ComiCon 2015: Spotlight on the Artist Alley

If there is one group of people who I don’t believe get enough love at any expo, its the artists. Toronto ComiCon 2015, like all events created by FanExpo HQ, featured many artists from all genres covered, all of whom gathered together within the signature corner of the event: The Artist Alley.

The cool part about the artist alley is that you get to see works of art in all shapes and forms. Whether its digital work, arts and crafts or embroidery, you will have the opportunity to see creativity in all its glory. My artists in the artist alley have worked for top companies such as Disney, D.C., Marvel and Archie, while others are more hobbyists with an interesting perspective. Having this mix just lets you see the scope of what is being done on the art side of things.

We wanted to showcase every single artist who attends the expo, but that would take a very long time to compile. As such, we’ve picked a hand few of the artists we think you should definitely check out, and perhaps collaborate on a future project. Trust us, these artists know what they are doing.

Artists featured here are (check out their websites):

  1. Chozen Studios
  2. Andrew Kwan
  3. Gillian Newland
  4. Meaghan Carter
  5. Mike Rooth
  6. Herbert Kwan
  7. David Ross
  8. Ken Wheaton
  9. Kalman Andrasofszky
  10. Greg Menzie
  11. Ian Herring
  12. Chasing Artwork
  13. Marc Alfonso
  14. Mike Del Mundo
  15. Jim Zub
  16. Richard Evans
  17. Marvin Law
  18. Ken Lashley
  19. Anthony Ruttgaizer
  20. Sam Agro
  21. Mike McKone
  22. Logan Miller
  23. Deanna Bradley
  24. C Class
  25. Brian Hoang
  26. Zeekayart
  27. Jade Poon
  28. Gibson Quarter
  29. Positively Negative
  30. Ted Woods
  31. Ronn Sutton
  32. Janet Heatherington
  33. Leo Leibelman
  34. Craig Yeung

Check out the gallery below to see the various artists and a sample of their work.