Sam Rockwell, Marisa Tomei & Michael Godere

Tribeca 2014: Loitering with Intent – Red Carpet Premiere Interviews & Photos


We attended the World Premiere of Loitering with Intent at the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival where we had an opportunity to chat and take photographs of talent on the red carpet.

Loitering with Intent follows two aspiring writers – Dominic (Michael Godere) and Raphael (Ivan Martin) – as they juggle between their day job and the quest to make it big in the industry. When they have a run-in with an eager and financially-well-to-do film producer, they escape to the seclusion of upstate New York to churn out a script, in the hopes that this was the big break they were looking for. However, when they have a run in with Dominic’s sister (Marisa Tomei), the pair find their escape from the hustle of New York City to be a waste of time, as their plan for a quiet time away soon starts to deteriorate.

The red carpet premiere was attended by many members of the cast and crew, some of whom we had the pleasure of chatting with. Watch our interviews in the video above and take a look at all the red carpet moments from the photos below.

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