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We sat down for a chat with Derek Anderson and Victor Kubicek, co-directors, co-writers and co-producers of the new documentary film, In God We Trust.

In God We Trust takes us back to 2008, when Bernie Madoff was arrested for financial fraud, among other crimes and charges. His actions affected hundreds of lives, both on a financial and personal level. No one, however, was more affected than Eleanor Squillari, personal secretary to Madoff for decades. She had no clue what her boss was up to all those years, and when Madoff was arrested, she began her own investigation into one is considered today as the greatest financial crime ever committed. Derek Anderson and Victor Kubicek bring to the big screen Squillari’s story, her perspective and her findings from her search for the truth. The documentary examines the crime under a new lens, bringing forth a story of financial fraud, power of the individual and more.

Derek Anderson and Victor Kubicek are no strangers to the world of entertainment. They are co-CEO’s of the The Halcyon Company,  best known for owning the global rights to the Terminator franchise and producing 2009’s Terminator Salvation. In God We Trust is their directorial and writing debut. Kubicek can soon be seen in Julian Ungano’s short And After All, starring opposite Byrdie Bell.

Toronto residents can see In God We Trust at the 2013 Hot Docs Documentary Film Festival, with three available screenings: May 1 (Isabel Bader Theatre), May 2 (Scotiabank 4) and May 4 (Scotiabank 4). For tickets and more information, visit hotdocs.ca