New Featurette for The Bourne Legacy

On August 10th, the action-packed Bourne franchise returns to theatre’s with Tony Gilroy’s The Bourne Legacy. Unlike the previous three films, Legacy does not feature Matt Damon’s Jason Bourne but a new agent by the name of Aaron Cross, portrayed by Avenger’s star Jeremy Renner. Gilroy hopes to bring to the big screen something unique and different, and in pursuit of that he has taken a bold move to feature an all new character, promoting the film with its “there was never just one” tag line. If the initial trailers are any indication, the “Bourne-action” we have come to enjoy is very much existent in this film. In addition, this film also boasts a pretty stellar cast which includes Edward NortonRachel WeiszJoan Allen & David Strathairn.

Universal Pictures has released a new featurette for the film, highlighting action sequences, the construction of the story and Renner’s input on his character. What are your thoughts on the bold move the franchise has taken to feature a new character?