The Avengers – Movie Review

Gonna save 10 minutes of your life by getting to the point of this whole piece: If you love comics, action-packed films or all of the above, WATCH THIS MOVIE! You will not regret it! If you feel you need to know why, do continue reading.

The Avengers is a new comic-book movie from Marvel Studios, directed by Buffy-creator Joss Whedon. Based on a comic book series by the same name, co-created by Stan Lee & Jack Kirby,  The Avengers brings together the superhero’s from recent Marvel productions – Captain America (Chris Evans), Thor (Chris Hemsworth), Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) & The Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) – where they have to join together to stop an evil that threatens the survival of planet earth.

For too long, the end-credits of previous Marvel films have foreshadowed this ensemble super-hero movie, each creating a significant link between each independent film. All prior films focused around one primary character, developing their background story and then establishing relationships with common characters from all Marvel films, such as Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) & Agent Phil Coulson (Clark Gregg).  The Avengers builds on what the other films accomplished, capitalizing on those established links and bringing together each of these independent characters.

The Avengers is solid proof that Whedon understands what is required of a comic-book film. What he does absolutely brilliantly is enhance one key element: the characters. This film features over fifteen characters from the Marvel universe, each with their own individual personality & importance. Whedon not only creates amazing chemistry between these characters but also provides the space needed for each of them to shine independently, which is no easy feat with so many characters. At no point in the film do you feel that one character out-shines the other. You get to see a proper team working together, rather than a bunch of disconnected characters.

The actors of this film are first-class. They do their characters justice and more. Evans & Hemsworth portray their characters far better than in their own independent films. Downey Jr. adds more sophistication to his portrayal of witty Tony Stark, keeping the brilliance of the character we are most familiar with but adding depth to the character we didn’t get to see in previous films. Whedon has been known to develop very sophisticated female characters, primarily in Buffy & Angel, and that can be seen in the development of Scarlett Johansson‘s strong performance as Natasha Romanoff. She demonstrates her ability to work with different degrees of emotion, staying true to her character’s original personality, but bringing in her own flare and take on the character. Samuel L. Jackson & Clark Gregg also provide concrete performances in their roles as Nick Fury & Agent Phil Coulson respectively.

However, the highlight of the film is Ruffalo’s Bruce Banner. For the longest time, The Hulk has been a Marvel character that hasn’t really made its mark in film. Both Eric Bana & Edward Norton gave their best to portray the green beast, but none has come close to what Ruffalo achieved in The Avengers. Ruffalo stay’s true to the nerdy & reserved characteristics of Dr. Bruce Banner as seen in the comics, while still being able to reflect on the beast within. Ruffalo’s performance is precisely what the Hulk should have been from the very beginning.

Whedon has created a fantastic comic-book film. You are presented with a bunch of “super-human” characters in a way that hasn’t be done before. Each moment excites you, draws you into the action and leaves your movie-need satisfied. Disney’s decision to convert the movie into 3D was probably the best decision ever. You are hurled into the magical comic world that The Avengers creates, making you a part of everything that is going on.

The Avengers is a super fun and exciting comic-book film that will not disappoint!