Dixon Hall Duet

The arts have played an important role to help raise awareness about important causes and organizations. Right here at home, we have people who take time out of their day to organize small, intimate events that have one purpose: give back to society. The Dixon Hall Duet is one such event.

The event took place last month but its affects have still not diminished. A group of young individuals, most of them university students, got together to organize a music night to help support the Dixon Hall organization & their initiatives. Founded in 1929, Dixon Hall has provided a variety of neighborhood programs, a homeless shelter service and various employment services. For 80 years the organization has created positive change in our community.

As one supportive team, these young individuals put together a simple and beautiful event. The show was MC’d by performing artists Janet Davidson & Ned Petrie and the musical performers consisted of students from both the University of Toronto & the Dixon Hall Music School. With only $5 entrance tickets and multiple raffle draws, the team was able to raise $700 to support Dixon Hall.

Even though we were not there for the entire event, we still managed to take a few photos and videos of various performances, to showcase what they had achieved.